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"Tell someone you love them today because life is short. But shout it at them in German because life is also terrifying and confusing."

My relationship with Germany and the German language began my freshman year of high school. Every fall my family hosted a German exchange student for three weeks, and after my sophomore year I stepped foot on German soil for the first time. When my senior year came along, my mom highly encouraged me to apply for the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange. Little did I know, this decision would change my life.
I was accepted into the program in April and set off on my adventure in August 2011. I spent the following 11 months in Murnau, Germany attending a local high school, learning the German language, and trying to convince people to hang out with a foreigner. Four years later, I am two classes shy of completing my German degree. If you are interested in reading more about my year abroad, head on over here!

Herr Lehmann

We spent this semester studying Eastern Germany and the fall of the wall in my special topics course. In order to gain a better understanding, we read novels from both Eastern and Western authors. This paper is a response to the novel "Herr Lehmann" and is a fictionalized journal entry reflecting his reaction to the fall of the wall.